Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dengue Fever / Venus on Earth

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Dengue Fever / Venus on Earth / M80 Music

I got to say the music on this disc is decent even when it veers off into sounding like a slinky 70’s style spy movie soundtrack. What I personally don’t like is the “I’m a poor Cambodian waif” routine that singer Chhom Nimol brings to the table. I think the current “cute girl” rock sound that is in current fashion is as deplorable as the boy band trend that once ruled the airswaves. Thankfully guitarist Zac Holtzman lends his vocals to a few songs including “Sober Driver” the best track on the disk.

I certainly don’t here any psychedelic music here, as the press release promises, just music that makes you want to invoke some random mythical spirit.

Fans of the band will surely like this release and hopefully the bands time at SXSW will help them as advance their careers. The albums not bad, just not my cup of rice wine for the most part.

The album has done well since its release and the band is launching a full scale tour with some important festival dates added.

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