Thursday, December 28, 2006

Just a liitle More Patience...

Just a Little More Patience…
By: Brandon Daviet
For fans of Guns N' Roses 2006 was supposed to be the year they had been waiting for. Early in the year, at a release party for Korn’s album See You on the Other Side to be exact, the elusive Axl Rose commented that the long awaited new Guns N' Roses album Chinese Democracy would be released by the end of the year. Of course for fans there were plenty of reasons to be skeptical even in the light of such good tidings.

For starters, Chinese Democracy had been in the works for well over a decade and the last time Rose and the band emerged from seclusion they canceled a 2002 world tour just as it was picking up steam. The reason for the tours demise is still somewhat unclear although Rose hinted, sometime later, in an interview with radio DJ Eddie Trunk that he simply wasn’t the ready.

Rose’s comments that Chinese Democracy would be released in 2006 gained a lot of steam in May when the band announced several sold out shows in New York, and more surprisingly completed a lengthy European tour that was well received by fans and critics alike. Not long after their triumphant return from across the pond the band, along with new guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, launched their first lengthy string of U.S. shows since the aborted 2002 tour.

While the U.S. portion of the “2006 Chinese Democracy North American Tour” rolled along smoothly, by GNR standards at least, news on the albums progress was largely scarce to non-existent. For all but the bands inner circle the only real proof that Chinese Democracy was even being recorded came in the early months of 2006 when a high quality demo of a new Guns N' Roses song called I.R.S, was leaked and played on the radio.

To add to the brewing excitement, the song was leaked to the radio by New York’s Mets catcher, and self admitted music fanatic, Mike Piazza, who only said that he received the song in the mail on a CD that also included rough versions of the songs T.W.A.T and Better. Rose’s lawyers quickly issued a cease and desist but the songs quickly made their way into the hands of many fans through underground trading networks. Many magazines and newspapers around the country did stories on the new songs and the impending release of the long awaited album. Guns N' Roses fever was higher than it had been in years. There was also a fair amount of speculation that Rose himself may have allowed the tracks to be leaked in an attempt to gauge fans interest in the new album.

In October the bands manager Mark Mercuriadis (Who was recently fired as a result of the albums not being released as promised according to a statement from Rose himself) told Rolling Stone that Chinese Democracy would be released on one of then 13 remaining Tuesdays of the year. Many fans were hopeful that the album would be released in time for Christmas and Guns N' Roses would prove all the haters wrong. The frenzy over the album became so great that offshore betting sites, like, were making odds on whether or not the album would actually see the light of day in 2006.

Being a diehard Guns N' Roses fan, I too got caught up in the overwhelming excitement and being that the tour wasn’t coming anywhere near my home base of Denver I decided it was time to do a little gambling myself. I decided to travel to see the band play on December 10th in a 9000 seat convention center in a small suburb north of Seattle, Washington. When I booked the trip I was still hopeful that the album would actually be out and the show might feature some previously un-played new songs; that was of course considering that the show actually happened

Don’t get me wrong, Appetite for Destruction, as well as the Use Your Illusion albums are some of the greatest rock records ever made but I’m one of those types that would rather see a band when they have fresh material. On top of that I always felt that the Illusion albums, and the tour that followed them, were a great and enthusiastic step forward for Guns N' Roses and I couldn’t wait to see how the new songs translated live, but we’ll get to that part of the story in a minute.

The Use Your Illusion albums gave the withering carcass of rock and roll the same booster shot that the Rolling Stones had administered in 1972 when they released their double-length masterpiece Exile on Main St. Just like Exile the Illusion albums had their share of radio friendly hits, but just under the surface is a much darker musical undercurrent that really made the albums standout. In addition to hit singles like November Rain and Live and Let Die the two CDs were packed with stunning and soul bearing documentations of rock and roll excess.

Of course much of this was a result of the band spinning out of control under the pressure of massive success and personal addictions. Guns N' Roses, just like the Stones before them, were finding it hard to separate art from reality. Unlike the Stones, Guns N' Roses didn’t survive the storm they had created, and after a lengthy, chaotic tour the band self-destructed. But like any good drama it is this chain of mind-boggling events that have made Chinese Democracy the mythical album it has become no matter what happens when, god willing, it’s released.

By the time I actually left to see the band in Washington it was clear to everybody but the staunchest optimists that the album wasn’t coming out in 2006. Still, I was excited to hear the few new songs that the band was playing. The show in Washington was for the most part an amazing experience. Axl proved hands down that the new Guns N' Roses are far from the all-star cover band that some have accused them of being.

Instead the new Guns N' Roses are a highly talented group of musicians trying to live in the shadow of a legacy and, for the most part, doing an excellent job. More importantly the new songs, most notably I.R.S. and Madagascar, were just as potent as any of the other, better known, songs performed that night.

Axl and company were in fine form and even though I was disappointed that the album wasn’t out yet, I was reassured that Chinese Democracy would be released sooner that later because no band works this hard to achieve nothing. While the original band was legendary, in a warped, cartoon character sort of way, the new band is much closer to Axl’s vision of a great rock and roll band.

When it comes down to it Guns N' Roses still has the one thing that made them so great in the first place: Axl Rose’s terminal insanity. If you think about it that’s what makes Appetite for Destruction, or to be even more specific, the ending verse of a heartfelt but mostly paint by numbers ballad like Patience, so amazing. The listener gets to here Axl Rose lose his mind within the context of a song. This isn’t the failed film-school student buffoonery of Jim Morrison or the calculated theatrics of Alice Cooper but rather the genuine result of Rose’s working through his various demons.

And it’s those very demons that are still holding the band together while threatening to rip it apart at the same time. Shortly after I returned from the show Axl Rose issued a statement confirming what most rationale people had figured out, Chinese Democracy wouldn’t be out in 2006 and he was canceling the last few shows on the tour to finalize the albums release. This time Rose went so far as to announce, without promising, that the album would now come out in on March 6th, 2007.

In the end it seems clear that both Rose and his management believed they could get the Chinese Democracy out by the end of the year. In the end it probably came down to the logistics involved in releasing with proper promotion. While the gesture of a 2006 release was noble it simply wasn’t realistic in this era of a corporate owned music business. It’s likely that Rose’s failure to get the album released this year has only strengthened his resolve to make sure that album is out as soon as possible. While 2006 was a good year for fans of Guns N' Roses I have faith that 2007 will prove to be an even better one. Like many other fans I will be spending yet another year patiently hoping for Chinese Democracy.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Season in Hell With The Rolling Stones

Exile on Main St. (A Season in Hell with the Rolling Stones)
By: Robert Greenfield
Da Capo Press
If you’re a fan of the numerous, and occasionally noteworthy, DVDs that are released documenting the physical creation of great albums from the time a band clocks into the studio until the minute they clock out then Robert Greenfield’s new book about the making of The Rolling Stones classic double album, Exile on Main St. then this probably isn’t your best bet.

That’s simply because instead of your run-of-the-mill tale of marathon knob tweaking and the search for the perfect lyric Greenfield has crafted a book about the Stones that is much more about the human condition, and its faults, than studio wizardry.

The book lovingly details the period of time that the Stones, who were forced to leave England to avoid astronomical back-taxes, spent in the South of France. The focus of Greenfield’s study is more on the tensions between the band and the entourage of people that that were present at the time than on the music that was being created. It’s also fair to say that the vivid recollections of many of these people provide the books best moments.

Of course, the mass amounts of drugs that were present at the mansion also play a large part in making the story so interesting. Anyone who has ever wondered about the lure of Heroin, Cocaine and their effects on the creation of music will find the book a dark telling of the realities.

Unlike many books about the Stones, Greenfield’s story paints accurate, if somewhat deflating, pictures of both Mick Jagger and Keith Richards without trying to over analyze the pairs relationship. Being that most of the book takes place at the Villa Nellcote, where Keith Richards took up residence, the book also offers a great look in to what makes Richards such an outstanding guitar player.

The actual songs that appear on Exile are largely left undiscussed, with Happy being the only track that get any serious examination, but the wild mood swings and not so random debauchery that were in play during the albums creation are objectively examined from every angle.

Towards the end the book also takes a great look at the Stones recent appearance at the half-time show of Super Bowl XL. Overall, this is truly a refreshing, objective and relevant book in a marketplace that has seen way to many skewed and biased opinions on the “Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World.”

New Dealers Staff

Friday, December 22, 2006

Tranformers Trailer

There is a new Teaser Trailer for The Transformers online @

This looks a lot better than I expected. It may give Spider-Man a run for the money as best geek movie of the year. I think is sucks the they changed Bumble Bee into a Mustang but other than that I am stoked to see the movie and I'm sure many other geeks are actually stroking themselves over this trailer.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Wu-Tang Album Coming!?

Some good new from Wu-Tang Clan, if it comes to be true. If you are a Wu-Tang Clan I highly suggest you read The Wu-Tang Manual by the RZA.

From Wutang Clan's Web Site

"Re-United with Rifkind For One More Album In 07
© The Wu-Tang Corp.- 2006-12-21

SRC Records CEO Steve Rifkind recently announced that he has reunited with the Wu-Tang Clan for a new album. Wu-Tang, who first came to prominence via Rifkinds now-defunct Loud Records, have not released a group album since 2001. During their six-year hiatus, all nine members of the New York rap collective have released solo albums. The groups most infamous member, ODB (born Russell Tyrone Jones), died in 2004 from an accidental overdose while recording his third solo project. "I just got off the phone with Divine and RZA from Wu-Tang, we are coming back, we are joining forces for one album, coming up in 2007," said Rifkind via a video on his blog, "I dont know what the name of the album is but we are back, its official. Wu-Tang and Steve Rifkind are back together." Rifkind is also credited for breaking rap acts like Mobb Deep, Big Pun and Xzibit, among others. His current SRC roster includes Akon, Remy Ma and Pharoahe Monch."

Monday, December 18, 2006

Clear Papers Cool But Need Work.....

I just tried out some of these new clear rolling papers that are all the rage around High School Smoking areas and on many a college Campus.

Now of course I only use these papers to smoke tabbaco as anything else would be illegal and probaly better for you. But I am stone cold afraid of the man. (Definition of Sarcasm).

Now this is a really cool idea but in my extensive tests (I used the "Smoke Clear" brand) these papers need some work.

First make some fucking regular size papers, this wide and cigar size shit is weak. Is your target demographic pre-pubescent rap fans if so I'm pretty sure your breaking at least one law.

Next make the papers adhesive out of something that stays rolled longer than ten minutes and doesn't burst in to flames. I can't help but stress this enough. The whole idea of a cigarette is to have something that can be put ou and re-lit at will, it is also nice if you don't singe your hair doing it.

Some stores sell these for $5.00 a pack, this is almost as bad as paying Phillip-Morris to kill you. Save your money and stick with Zig-Zags.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006


If you go back to the second disc of Wu-Tang Clan's double album masterpiece Wu-Tang Forever you'll notice that the first track on the disc issues a spoken word proclamation informing would be M.C. that there is no room in the game for "fake ass cat in the hat rappers." Many may be wondering why the Wu-Tang Clan felt qualified to issue such a strong decree.

The answer is rather simple Wu-Tang is light years above anybody else in the rap game as Wu-Tang rapper Ghostface Killah is poised to show the world, once again, with his new album Fishscale.

While was only sent a 3 song sampler of the new album the three new track, plus two snippets not even worth mentioning here, are solid proof that Ghostface is one of the worlds sharpest M.C.'s capable of morphing his style to fit what ever is on his mind.

The CD's first track Be Easy is a bouncing club banger that challenges today's rappers to put a little more craft and a lot less bravado in their music. The track has been burning up mix tapes for months and features killer production mastermind Pete Rock.

The Second track Back Like That starts off sounding like a siplme exercise in R&B until Ghost's vocals star it turning the track into razor sharp song about a woman who’s done wrong. Even when Ghost takes off his gloves with taunts like "did you swallow his kids" he dose it with an air of class that most rappers can't even fathom.

The third track Kilo pair's Ghost up with fellow Wu-Tang Alumni Raekwon on a classic dope rhyme that declares if you want to shed the rags you got to earn the riches. While the track is no Incarcerated Scarfaces it is a god jam and should properly hype fan up for the sequel to the Raekwon/Ghostface classic Only Built For Cuban Links.

All in all this sampler show that Ghost is out of the slump he found himself in with the Pretty Toni album and is again at the top of his game. Ghostface has just launched a lengthy U.S. tour (By rap standards anyway). You can find more info at Wu-Tang's official site.

Twisted Sister on Jay Lenno

Usually I'm not a fan of Christmas Music but This Rocks....

Twisted Sister, who have been dangling sporadic live shows, without a full scale tour, in front of fans for years have finally ponied up a new album. But it's not what you think, the band has made an album of covers of Christmas Classics. Yes, there are probably a few estranged members of the PMRC crying blaspheme right now but its actually cool. OK, not as cool as King Diamond's "No Presents for XMAS" or the performance of "Little Drummer Boy" on the Dick Van Dyke show but still cool. Check for more info...

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Whitesnake Ready to Rock

Rockers Whitesnake are set to release a new album next year called "Good to be Bad" The album will mark the groups first album of new songs in a grip.

The band has also just released "Live in the Shadow of the Blues," a live document of their last world tour. Here is a teaster clip (Windows Media Player) for a track called "Ready to Rock" to wet your appitites and panties!


Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love
By: Courtney Love
Faber & Faber Publishing
They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but if you could "Dirty Blonde” would be a shoe in for one of the best of 2006. That said, Courtney Love, along with “My Name is Earl’s” Jaime Pressly, gives some style and grace to the tag “Trailer Trash.” In many ways love is the original Suicide Girl, you know she is a freak (In a good way) but cleans up mighty nice too.

While not as highbrow or high-profile as say Paris Hilton, Love is one of the most attractive, engaging celebrities to grace the headlines on a regular basis. Part Autobiography and part coffee table material, “Dirty Blonde” is a testament to everything Courtney.

Laid out like a scrapbook/diary “Dirty Blond” is a vivid collection of pictures, words and memorabilia (Like a great self-typed resume that lists her role in ”Sid and Nancy and her short stint as the singer of Faith No More) that attempt to make sense of Love’s controversial and at times tragic life. Being a guy myself, the book was a unique look into the mind of a woman I would date in a heartbeat.

For women, except Condoleezza Rice perhaps, the book will probably have a more personal feel. I imagine that many girls and probably a few feminine guys, probably had, or still have, something like this stuffed between their mattress and box spring.

There are no new revelations about the Death of Love’s husband Kurt Cobain in “Dirty Blonde,” but the book does paint a nice portrait of the couple’s relationship. There are also a few great excerpts concerning Cobain and Love’s less than friendly run-in with Axl Rose. There are also some interesting insights into Love’s crowning achievement thus far, her band Hole.

The book opens with a hilarious introduction from Carrie Fisher, who most oxygen breathing people is better know as Princess Leia Organa from the Star Wars Movies, and provides a fun peek into the life of a true “Dirty Blonde.”


Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Disclaimer: If by some miracle Axl Rose actually gets “Chinese Democracy” out by the end of the year it will take the top spot. We are confident in this after hearing various leaks and demo’s as well as witnessing some of the new songs live. Check out Plus this is only rock and roll and is not congressional record.

#1 / The Melvin’s / A Senile Animal / Ipecac Records
Released in October “A Senile Animal” gets's vote for best album of the year for a few simple reasons. For one, it rocks. Second, by sticking to their guns Buzz Osborne and the rest of the Melvin’s have been in the music game so long that their style of music that their music, once defined as avant-garde, now sounds keenly accessible and filled with groove. Admittedly, The Melvin's tweaked the mix a little by bringing in a second drummer and the results are astounding. We slept on this a little when it first came out but it has stayed in rotation long after we threw out the last piece of crap of that Tom Petty put out, and we normally love Tom Petty. If you are only going to buy one disc this year tell your local retailer "Make Mine The Melvins." http://www.ipecac.records/

#2 / Public Enemy / Beats and Places / Slam-Jamz Records
Public Enemy is still the best hip-hop crew around when it comes to protesting the actions of our lovely government. The group has quietly, and independently, been pumping out a treasure trove of material since they left the artistic control of the major label scene. “Beats and Places” is a collection of the best of these years including some rare tracks and a bonus DVD of self produced videos that show-up anything on MTV.

#3 / Bruce Springsteen / The Seeger Sessions / Sony Records
Springsteen’s tribute to the first amendment and folk singer Pete Seeger is a stunning collection exploring the roots of folk music and protest. The album also spawned Television’s best moment with a performance from “The Seeger Sessions” band on the Cohen O’Brian show that featured O’Brian playing a mean rhythm guitar and smiling like a freshly deflowered teenager.

#4 / The Black Crowes / Live at Red Rocks / Instant Live
One in a series of many official bootlegs (Is that an Oxymoron?) from the Black Crowes. This makes the list because it marks the first time The Black Crowes headlined Red Rocks. The show also marks the last time the band played with guitarist Marc “you won’t be missed” Ford and keyboardist Eddie Harsch, before the band started up yet another game of musician musical chairs.

#5 / Bob Dylan / Modern Times / Columbia Records
Not a groundbreaking release from Dylan and there are certainly other records in his cannon that should have gone # 1 on the record charts. Still “Modern Times” is tribute to artist longevity, something sadly missing these days, and a grooving record to boot.

#6 / Peeping Tom / Self-Titled / Ipecac Records
No, Ipecac records are not paying us to make the list twice but Mike Patton’s long awaited project was well worth the wait. While it’s not Faith No More by any means just hearing Norah Jones curse is worth the scratch to buy this one.

#7 / Jerry Lee Lewis / Last Man Standing / Artist First Records
“The Killer” cranks out an albums worth of his favorite covers, all featuring duets with big-name musical alumni. Highlights like Lewis and Bruce Springsteen on “Pink Cadillac” and Jimmy Page helping redo “Rock and Roll” makes this the years best guilty pleasure.

#8 / Johnny Cash / American IV: The Man Comes Around / American Recordings
A haunting, self-eulogy from the “Man in Black” that proves that Cash remained a rebel until the very end. This is the kind of music that gives one goose bumps. Cash was one of the most important, stand-up figures in the history of American Music.

#9 / Faster Pussycat / The Power and the Gloryhole / Full Effect Records
Motley Crue may have lived it better but nobody puts-out the sleazy vibe of 80’s Los Angeles better that Faster Pussycat. If these guys weren’t in a band they wouldn’t be pumping gas they’d be filming porn.

#10 / Neil Young / Living with War / Reprise Records
Neil Young’s middle finger to President Bush and the war in Iraq is a bit uneven. Just uneven enough to show that it was made from pure emotion and not from the desire of capitalist gain. Young has also recently released live tracks from his Bridge School Concerts on I-tunes and issued the first in his long awaited archives series.

Hunter S. Thompson
Just in time for the holiday season AMMO books releases their first offering: Gonzo. Gonzo is a fitting tribute to the legacy of journalist Hunter S. Thompson. The book was actually started by Thompson himself, and after his untimely death the book was lovingly finished by editors Steve Crist and Laila Nabulsi.
Gonzo opens with a forward from Thompson’s friend and co-conspirator Johnny Depp and is presented in a dizzying array of dynamic colors and fonts.
Released in a limited edition of 3000 copies, and priced at an astounding $300.00 a pop, Gonzo is a lavish collection of pictures and quotes from HST. The pictures are the main draw, many of the pictures were taken by the good doctor himself and feature some never before seen pictures of Thompson’s long, strange trip.
The quotes throughout Gonzo are nothing new but the way they are laid-out makes a good read, and the choice of quotes wraps up Thompson’s ethos on life quite accurately.
The book is divided up to represent different periods in Thompson’s life. For example, there is a section on his time with the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle gang including a picture the of the beating he received from them. There are also a number of pictures and quotes from his time covering the 1972 presidential race between Richard Nixon and George McGovern.
While the price and limited availability make Gonzo an item viable for fans only it is a stunning exercise in excess that I can only imagine Thompson would approve of.