Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Hunter S. Thompson
Just in time for the holiday season AMMO books releases their first offering: Gonzo. Gonzo is a fitting tribute to the legacy of journalist Hunter S. Thompson. The book was actually started by Thompson himself, and after his untimely death the book was lovingly finished by editors Steve Crist and Laila Nabulsi.
Gonzo opens with a forward from Thompson’s friend and co-conspirator Johnny Depp and is presented in a dizzying array of dynamic colors and fonts.
Released in a limited edition of 3000 copies, and priced at an astounding $300.00 a pop, Gonzo is a lavish collection of pictures and quotes from HST. The pictures are the main draw, many of the pictures were taken by the good doctor himself and feature some never before seen pictures of Thompson’s long, strange trip.
The quotes throughout Gonzo are nothing new but the way they are laid-out makes a good read, and the choice of quotes wraps up Thompson’s ethos on life quite accurately.
The book is divided up to represent different periods in Thompson’s life. For example, there is a section on his time with the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle gang including a picture the of the beating he received from them. There are also a number of pictures and quotes from his time covering the 1972 presidential race between Richard Nixon and George McGovern.
While the price and limited availability make Gonzo an item viable for fans only it is a stunning exercise in excess that I can only imagine Thompson would approve of.

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