Monday, December 18, 2006

Clear Papers Cool But Need Work.....

I just tried out some of these new clear rolling papers that are all the rage around High School Smoking areas and on many a college Campus.

Now of course I only use these papers to smoke tabbaco as anything else would be illegal and probaly better for you. But I am stone cold afraid of the man. (Definition of Sarcasm).

Now this is a really cool idea but in my extensive tests (I used the "Smoke Clear" brand) these papers need some work.

First make some fucking regular size papers, this wide and cigar size shit is weak. Is your target demographic pre-pubescent rap fans if so I'm pretty sure your breaking at least one law.

Next make the papers adhesive out of something that stays rolled longer than ten minutes and doesn't burst in to flames. I can't help but stress this enough. The whole idea of a cigarette is to have something that can be put ou and re-lit at will, it is also nice if you don't singe your hair doing it.

Some stores sell these for $5.00 a pack, this is almost as bad as paying Phillip-Morris to kill you. Save your money and stick with Zig-Zags.


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