Wednesday, December 13, 2006


If you go back to the second disc of Wu-Tang Clan's double album masterpiece Wu-Tang Forever you'll notice that the first track on the disc issues a spoken word proclamation informing would be M.C. that there is no room in the game for "fake ass cat in the hat rappers." Many may be wondering why the Wu-Tang Clan felt qualified to issue such a strong decree.

The answer is rather simple Wu-Tang is light years above anybody else in the rap game as Wu-Tang rapper Ghostface Killah is poised to show the world, once again, with his new album Fishscale.

While was only sent a 3 song sampler of the new album the three new track, plus two snippets not even worth mentioning here, are solid proof that Ghostface is one of the worlds sharpest M.C.'s capable of morphing his style to fit what ever is on his mind.

The CD's first track Be Easy is a bouncing club banger that challenges today's rappers to put a little more craft and a lot less bravado in their music. The track has been burning up mix tapes for months and features killer production mastermind Pete Rock.

The Second track Back Like That starts off sounding like a siplme exercise in R&B until Ghost's vocals star it turning the track into razor sharp song about a woman who’s done wrong. Even when Ghost takes off his gloves with taunts like "did you swallow his kids" he dose it with an air of class that most rappers can't even fathom.

The third track Kilo pair's Ghost up with fellow Wu-Tang Alumni Raekwon on a classic dope rhyme that declares if you want to shed the rags you got to earn the riches. While the track is no Incarcerated Scarfaces it is a god jam and should properly hype fan up for the sequel to the Raekwon/Ghostface classic Only Built For Cuban Links.

All in all this sampler show that Ghost is out of the slump he found himself in with the Pretty Toni album and is again at the top of his game. Ghostface has just launched a lengthy U.S. tour (By rap standards anyway). You can find more info at Wu-Tang's official site.

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