Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Disclaimer: If by some miracle Axl Rose actually gets “Chinese Democracy” out by the end of the year it will take the top spot. We are confident in this after hearing various leaks and demo’s as well as witnessing some of the new songs live. Check out http://www.gunsnroses.com/ Plus this is only rock and roll and is not congressional record.

#1 / The Melvin’s / A Senile Animal / Ipecac Records
Released in October “A Senile Animal” gets Newdealers.com's vote for best album of the year for a few simple reasons. For one, it rocks. Second, by sticking to their guns Buzz Osborne and the rest of the Melvin’s have been in the music game so long that their style of music that their music, once defined as avant-garde, now sounds keenly accessible and filled with groove. Admittedly, The Melvin's tweaked the mix a little by bringing in a second drummer and the results are astounding. We slept on this a little when it first came out but it has stayed in rotation long after we threw out the last piece of crap of that Tom Petty put out, and we normally love Tom Petty. If you are only going to buy one disc this year tell your local retailer "Make Mine The Melvins." http://www.ipecac.records/

#2 / Public Enemy / Beats and Places / Slam-Jamz Records
Public Enemy is still the best hip-hop crew around when it comes to protesting the actions of our lovely government. The group has quietly, and independently, been pumping out a treasure trove of material since they left the artistic control of the major label scene. “Beats and Places” is a collection of the best of these years including some rare tracks and a bonus DVD of self produced videos that show-up anything on MTV. http://www.publicenemy.com/

#3 / Bruce Springsteen / The Seeger Sessions / Sony Records
Springsteen’s tribute to the first amendment and folk singer Pete Seeger is a stunning collection exploring the roots of folk music and protest. The album also spawned Television’s best moment with a performance from “The Seeger Sessions” band on the Cohen O’Brian show that featured O’Brian playing a mean rhythm guitar and smiling like a freshly deflowered teenager.

#4 / The Black Crowes / Live at Red Rocks / Instant Live
One in a series of many official bootlegs (Is that an Oxymoron?) from the Black Crowes. This makes the list because it marks the first time The Black Crowes headlined Red Rocks. The show also marks the last time the band played with guitarist Marc “you won’t be missed” Ford and keyboardist Eddie Harsch, before the band started up yet another game of musician musical chairs. http://www.instantlive.com/

#5 / Bob Dylan / Modern Times / Columbia Records
Not a groundbreaking release from Dylan and there are certainly other records in his cannon that should have gone # 1 on the record charts. Still “Modern Times” is tribute to artist longevity, something sadly missing these days, and a grooving record to boot.

#6 / Peeping Tom / Self-Titled / Ipecac Records
No, Ipecac records are not paying us to make the list twice but Mike Patton’s long awaited project was well worth the wait. While it’s not Faith No More by any means just hearing Norah Jones curse is worth the scratch to buy this one. http://www.ipecac.com/

#7 / Jerry Lee Lewis / Last Man Standing / Artist First Records
“The Killer” cranks out an albums worth of his favorite covers, all featuring duets with big-name musical alumni. Highlights like Lewis and Bruce Springsteen on “Pink Cadillac” and Jimmy Page helping redo “Rock and Roll” makes this the years best guilty pleasure.

#8 / Johnny Cash / American IV: The Man Comes Around / American Recordings
A haunting, self-eulogy from the “Man in Black” that proves that Cash remained a rebel until the very end. This is the kind of music that gives one goose bumps. Cash was one of the most important, stand-up figures in the history of American Music. http://www.johnnycash.com/

#9 / Faster Pussycat / The Power and the Gloryhole / Full Effect Records
Motley Crue may have lived it better but nobody puts-out the sleazy vibe of 80’s Los Angeles better that Faster Pussycat. If these guys weren’t in a band they wouldn’t be pumping gas they’d be filming porn. http://www.powerandthegloryhole.com/

#10 / Neil Young / Living with War / Reprise Records
Neil Young’s middle finger to President Bush and the war in Iraq is a bit uneven. Just uneven enough to show that it was made from pure emotion and not from the desire of capitalist gain. Young has also recently released live tracks from his Bridge School Concerts on I-tunes and issued the first in his long awaited archives series. http://www.neilyoung.com/

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