Friday, March 7, 2008

New Monsoon Helping Jam Bands Grow

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This album has been out for a minute but I'll still give it some love here. Although my tolerance for "Jam-Bands" is limited to The Grateful Dead and The Black Crowes, who are really a pseudo "Jam Band," I have watched New Monsoon grow over the years.

Their fifth effort simply titled "V" is as strong musically as their live album "New Monsoon live at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival" Part of the strength comes from the utilization of producer John Cutler who produced several killer albums with The Grateful Dead including "In The Dark" that finally brought The Grateful Dead some mainstream acceptance with the single "Touch of Grey."

The album also offers a ton of diverse musical styles that offer something for even the most discerning fan. Over all the album is as kick-ass as a after-show grilled cheese fried up by some backwoods hippie. A suggest you put the pipe/bong down and go buy this disc

The Band recently stared a lengthy tour that features a two-night stand here in Denver and an appearance at Wakarusa. You can find out more at


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