Friday, January 5, 2007

Car Bomb's debut album sounds like, well, a Car Bomb...

Car Bomb
Relapse Records

Release Date 2-6-07

Car Bomb is an aptly appropriate name for the four member New York band responsible for this 11 track slab of hardcore noise metal. The funny part is that the press release describes the album as being full of “vicious jazz-inspired blasts.” Truth be told, it is the shameless compunction of comparing this album to jazz that’s vicious.

While the album could be mistaken for a explosion it would be more accurate to say that the album is a great example of what would happen if you juiced-up a group of high-school kids with low SAT scores on Ridilan and set them loose in a room of full of tuned musical instruments and a P.A. hooked to a distortion pedal. It’s also important to add that the high school where these kids were plucked from obviously has little or no arts budget.

I would also suggest whatever snowboarding, electric guitar playing A&R person that signed this band to Relapse Records be subjected to a lengthy and thorough internal review and possible public flogging. If this is the future of metal it is certainty nothing to be jazzed about.

Brandon Daviet

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