Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Compilations Still Rock...

Music Ration Entertainment Presents:
A Murderous Mix

Back in the early days of Heavy Metal and Thrash, the compilation album was a fun and effective way to get the music of new bands to new people. Many bands like Metallica and Exodus, just to name a few, contributed songs to compilations by now famous labels like Megaforce and Metal Blade records.

That’s the same theory behind this new compilation CD from Music Ration Entertainment. A Murderous Mix contains 18 tracks of the best up and coming Industrial and Hip-Hop artists and also serves as a teaser for the new Sound of Mass Production release The Treatment.

In addition to two tracks and a music video by SMP, there are tracks by The Marginal Prophets, Dimension Zero and Tankt.

Now you’re probably asking why should I give two shits? Well, unlike a movie soundtrack that is usually made up of left-over songs, bands normally put their best foot forward when contributing to a compilation. Check out A Murderous Mix and judge for your bad self.

Brandon Daviet

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