Friday, January 12, 2007

A Few Words with Unearth's Trevor Phipps

Un-swayed by the trends of their Peers and the wants of the music industry, Massachusetts band Unearth is currently touring in support of their latest record Unearth III: In The Eyes of Fire. The album is a fiery blast of uncompromising metal at its best .In addition; the band has just started a run of dates opening for the mighty Slayer.

Unearth and Slayer will be pulling through Denver on January 31st for a show at the Fillmore Auditorium. The show promises to be a sweaty night of heavy music at its best and the bill also features hometown heroes Cephalic Carnage.

The bands business savvy singer Trevor Phipps took a minute to fill in on some of the details of life in a rock band. So you are just starting a Tour with Slayer , Do you have a favoriteSlayer record?TP: Seasons in the Abyss. Bad ass Album What do you do to keep busy on the road?

TP: I keep busy with my label Ironclad Recordings. I am always on the phone, computer or my blackberry getting things done for the label. I handle a lotof the Unearth business as well. Besides that, I try to exercise every dayand take walks around each city to see some different sights. At the end ofit all, we party hard at night after the show. Do you write songs while you're on the road?

TP: Rarely. We are most proficient when we are home for a while. What song do you look forward to playing live most?

TP: It varies from time to time, but right now it is "Giles". We have beenopening most of our shows with that tune and I get real amped to go outthere and get the show underway. On top of that the song is aggressive asall hell, so it is a good one to get stoked about playing. Is being in a band everything you thought it would be when you wereyoung?

TP: Pretty damn close. I wouldn't trade my life for anything. Are you going to do more touring after the Slayer Tour?

TP: Yeah, we never stop! We are doing a headlining European tour in March andApril and there are talks of more worldwide touring after that. Does the band play the same set list every night?

TP: We mix up the order of songs almost nightly and we trade a couple songs inand out of the set every couple of days. We need to keep it interesting forus and for the fans that have come out to see us more than once. How much importance do you put into making music videos?

TP: Music videos are a great way to get people to visually see what you band isall about, so to me it is a video is very important. Growing up a fan ofmetal, I couldn't wait to see the "World Premiere" of my favorite bandsvideos. Do all five members travel on the same bus?

TP: Hell yeah, we have a damn good time with each other on the road. Living, playing and partying with your band mates makes for a closer overall unit. Those guys are some of the closest friends I have ever had. I wouldn't wantto be in a separate bus. Blondes say they have more fun do you think that is true?

TP: Well, my fiancé is a blonde. Does that answer your question?!

Interview by: Brandon Daviet

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